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* FRESHREALS After a hard day's work at the farm, you
want to do nothing but have a beer in your
hand and your wife sucking you cock. That
was exactly what I intended to do, I
quickly took a nice warm shower and got
rid of all the sweat in my body then went
downstairs to grab that beer from the
fridge. My wife, Cathy, must be in her room
correcting all those quizzes and test she
passes out to the high-schoolers. I finished
my beer feeling more refreshed than ever
and went upstairs to our bedroom.
"Hi baby..." Cathy greeted me when she
saw me.
"Hi sweetheart...almost done?" I leaned
forward and gave her a nice long kiss. I
met Cathy when I was a junior in College
and she was a sophomore, we instantly hit
off and loved each other to death. We
decided to wait until she completed college
to get married and we finally got married
when I was 23 and she was 22. My dad
owns a large farm and has several small
businesses which make more than enough
money and when he passed away he gave
all the land and business to me. My sister
wanted me to sell them but I just didn't
have the heart to do it, we had those lands
for more than four generations. So Cathy
and I moved to Ohio where she started
teaching at the high-school.
"Yep...give me five more minutes" Cathy
said as I softly massaged her shoulders.
Cathy was very beautiful with silky golden
brown hair which stops right at the middle
of her back. Her gorgeous gray eyes pierce
right through your heart. She has nice sharp
features and beautiful rosy lips. She is
about 5'8 with C breasts and a busty ass
which bounces lightly as she walks around
the house. She always manages to keep
herself fit and has a nice golden tan.
"Done!" Cathy said as she put her pen back
on the desk and closed her books. She was
dressed in a white nightgown which came
up to her mid thighs and her soft hair was
in a pony tail. She got up and pressed
herself into me, her firm breasts pressing
tightly against my chest.
"Tired sweetheart?" She asked me and all I
managed to do was nod my head as she
grinded her hips into my crotch. She gave
me a sexy smile and pushed me back on
the bed. She slowly pulled my pants down
and rubbed my semi-hard dick which was
struggling to be free. She kissed it through
my boxers and slowly pulled it down
throwing it over her head.
""Mmmm...I love your cock so much..." She
purred as she gently jacked me off. My
cock was bigger than your average 6''
penis, when I was completely erect it was
about 9' and 3'' wide. She leaned forward
and tasted the silt of my cock with the tip
of her tongue sending waves of pleasure
throughout my body. She expertly swirled
her tongue around the head licking up and
down my shaft and gently sucked on my
balls. I was in pure heaven as she worked
her magic on my cock.
"Yeah baby suck my cock! You suck it so
gooooood" I moaned and stroked her soft
hair and held her by the back of her head.
She locked her lips around the head of my
cock and took about 6'' with ease, it was
an amazing sight as she bobbed her head
up and down on my cockhead and then
easily took 6in of my cock, and it was a
beautiful view as her head bobbed up and
down on my cock. She continued doing this
and often stopped to swirl her tongue
around the head and into the silt before
going back down.
"Suck it! Take it all the way in" I moaned.
She finally took me into her mouth until the
head hit the entrance of her mouth. I was
surprised she could take my whole cock
into her mouth and groaned when she
finally took it all the way in. Her nose was
pressing into my pubic hair and I held her
tightly. She instinctively gulped and I
groaned, feeling her throat flex around my
cock. Then she drew back until just the tip
of her tongue was resting in the silt of my
cock before sliding back down again, once
more taking me into her throat.
I could feel the churning in my balls and
knew I was close to cumming. It won't be
long before I would shoot my cum deep
into her mouth. She sensed this and rested
my cock right on top of her tongue and
softly massaged her balls with her small
hands. I couldn't take it any longer and
warned her right as I exploded in her
mouth. The sight of my cock shooting cum
into her mouth was so erotic that I kept on
shooting ropes and ropes of cum.
"Mmm...You taste so damn good" She
moaned as she swallowed my cum. I
pulled her up for a deep passionate kiss
and moaned as our tongue wrested with
each other. I took off my shirt and pulled
her into so she was on top of me.
"Cathy? Why aren't you naked yet?" I
asked her and she smiled taking off her
night gown so she just had a pair of
panties. Her pink nipples were hard as I
grazed my finger over them. I softly rubbed
her pussy through her panties before taking
them off. Cathy was neatly trimmed as she
formed a small triangle. Before she could
say anything I started to taste her, licking
up her juices and sliding my tongue into
her pussy in an effort to coax more out.
She moaned as her body moved invitingly,
following the rhythm of my tongue'sthrusts. And the further I slid my tongue
into her pussy, the more her legs trembled.
"Ahhhhhh Godddd...." She cried
overwhelmed by pleasure.
I continued to tongue fuck her sweet pussy
loving the taste of her sweet juices. Then I
trailed my tongue up to her clit and rolled
my tongue over it again and again
relentlessly. When she started to whimper I
flicked it with the tip of his tongue for a
while then sucked it into my mouth. She
started to groan and buck her hips against
my face. I slipped a finger into her
steaming pussy and felt it clench
desperately around it.
"Make me cum Jack! Please make me
cum!" She whimpered her eyes full of tears.
"Want to cum sweetheart?" I asked her
sliding another finger. Her juices were
gushing out of her hole as I pumped my
fingers in and out of her. She was gripping
the blankets tightly with both her hands
and she let out a long tortured moan. I
took her clit into my mouth and held it
between my teeth as I flicked it with the
tip of my tongue. She was going nuts now
and I knew she was extremely close to
cumming so I curled my fingers as I
feverishly rubbed her G-spot. She lost it and
without warning, her juices gushed out of
her pussy and I curled my tongue to drink
her sweet nectar.
"Fuck Jack..." She moaned pulling me up.
She grabbed my head roughly and let out a
moan as our lips locked. She was sweating
and I let her catch her breath as I softly
massaged her nipples. I rubbed my erection
against her soaking cunt and she moaned
each time it would rub against her clit. I
really needed to cum inside her pussy but
at the same time I wanted her to beg me.
I gently pushed my dick until only the head
was in her tight cunt. She groaned with
pleasure and wrapped her thighs around
me trying to pull me into her. I resisted and
leaned forward taking her pink nipple into
my mouth.
"Jack...fuck me!?!" She said as I chewed
tenderly on her nipple. I pushed into her
cunt and stopped when I felt her G-spot
rubbing against the head. I continued
fucking her in this manner, my head
rubbing against her G-spot.
"Beg for it...beg for my cock..." I whispered
and pulled her nipple with my teeth.
"Please Jack fuck me! Fuck me with your
big cock! Make me cum" She shot me a
pleading look and I shoved it into her
without a warning. She was writhing
beneath me, bucking her hips against mine
as I started to pump her deep and hard.
“Oh God! Oh God!” she cried, as her pussy
quivered around my cock. It felt amazing,
like my cock was melting in her hot wet
velvety walls. I loved how her large
breasts bounced as I fucked and grabbed
her head roughly kissing her hard. She held
on to my shoulders and panted into my
ear. I suddenly rolled over with her cock
buried in me so she was on top of me. She
instinctively knew what to do and started
riding me cock like she was possessed. She
used my chest for support and I placed my
hands on her hips helping her up and
dropping her weight on my cock.
"Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck" She moaned as my
hips met hers as she was coming down.
Her breasts were hanging right over my
mouth and slapped into my chin as she
bounced on top of me. I could tell she was
really close to cumming and pumped into
her with all the my force.
"AHHHHHHHH!" She moaned as she
collapsed on top of me with her cum
oozing out of her pussy. I was still hard as
fuck and lifted Cathy up and turned her
over so she was lying on top of me with
her head resting on my chest. "I love this
"I know..." I slowly entered my cock into
her pussy and soon picked up the pace. I
was free to molest her breasts and pussy
while we fucked like this and my head
rinds into her G-spot creating amazing
sensations for both of us. I grabbed her
breast with my right hands and pinched her
nipple as I rubbed her clit with my other
hands. I was really close to an orgasm and
knew I wasn't going to last longer.
"I am going to cum" I warned her and she
squeezed her muscles together. I groaned
in pleasure and thrust into her like a
madman and finally I couldn't take it any
longer. "Arghhhhh"
I shot ropes of cum deep into her pussy
and collapsed with Cathy on top of me. We
lay there for good ten minutes as we
caught our breath. Just then our phone ran
and I moved over.
“Hello?” I answered the phone as I softly
stroked Cathy’s hair. She snuggled closer to
me and rested her head on my chest and
hugged me fiercely.
“Jack? It’s me Jenna…listen I got to talk to
you about something important” Jenna was
my sister but she
was older than me by 12 years. We have a
tight relationship despite the age difference.
“Yeah what’s up Jenna…everything okay?” I
asked her concern in my voice.
“Yeah I am fine and so are the kids…well…
the kids are not doing so great…especially
Ashley…” She
sighed “She has been hanging out with the
wrong crowd…getting drunk and last night I
found her in bed
with two guys…I don’t know what to do
with her…so can I ask you a favor?”
“Yeah Jen…name it”
“Do you mind if I send Ashley over to you
for some time…until she gets back in track
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