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* FRESHREALS Blackberry Tutorial: How to install andriod app (.apk) on Blackberry
BlackBerry 10.2.1 introduced the ability to install .APK
files, which are the app files used in Android, directly
to your phone. This throws the doors open to install a
wide variety of Android apps on your BlackBerry 10
device, be it a Z10, Q10, Q5, Z30, or anything else. This
used to be possible through a long, convoluted
process, but it's much easier now. Basically, if you
can't find an app in BlackBerry World, odds are there
are other sources for your favorite app.Step 2: Get the APK file on your BlackBerry
You can get an Android APK install file on your
BlackBerry by visiting the source in your BlackBerry
browser (which is the easiest option), e-mailing
yourself the file, or moving the file directly from your
computer to your phone by plugging them together
with a USB cable.
Step 3: Install the APK file from your BlackBerry
If you downloaded the APK from your browser, the
Downloads window should have already popped up
asking you where you want to save it and what the
filename should be; just tap the file when it's done. If
the download window isn't there, it's easy enough to
get back up. Tap the overflow menu button in the
bottom-right (three little dots), and tap Downloads.
If the file was moved to your phone in any other
way, you can find it easily by tapping the magnifying
glass icon from the home screen at the bottom in the
middle and typing ".apk" in the search box at the top.
Anything you've moved over should show up under
the Documents and Files result. Just tap the one you
want to install.
Your Android app should start installing after a short
"Processing" indicator. Tap the Install button in the top
right, and tap Accept on the pop-up window which
informs you of the device permissions that are
required for the app to run.
Extra information
The first time you install an .APK, you'll be prompted
to turn off a safety setting which otherwise blocks
installation of these files. The previous installation
screen should return with a handy "Open" button
replacing the "Install" button when it's done. At that
point, the app will now show up alongside all of your
other apps. Just swipe on the home screen from right
to left a few times to find the icon and put it in
whatever folder or home screen you like. Hold your
finger on the icon for a moment to drag it around.
Another thing you may want to do is hide the bar at
the bottom of the screen. Just swipe down from the
top when the app is open, and tap Hide bar.
Now, remember that there are no guarantees that
these apps will function as advertised. BlackBerry does
not run Android, it can just run Android apps. The
Android app player in BlackBerry 10 is good, and
should handle most of what you throw at it. Test
things out and let us know what's working and what
isn't in the comments! Having trouble installing
something? You can ask for help in Guestbook http://freshreals.xtgem.com/GUESTBOOK
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